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Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century

About Indigo Schools

Indigo Schools exists so that every parent, teacher, school leader, school governor and education authority has access to a self assessment framework that they can use to magnify the prospect of excellence now and even better next time in performance and achievement in schools.

Our objective is to provide people with the means to generate enough evidence to make informed judgements about how good their school is, what the priorities for improvement are, and how the quality of the teaching, learning and assessment experience for learners and their teachers can be transformed. 

Activating School Transformation


Contextually Defined

Inverting Authority and Accountability

From Inputs to Outcomes


A deepening concern about the misalignment between learning in schools and the world outside them formed the basis of a years-long process of examining research into schools, businesses, best practices, work by leading thinkers along with curricula and education systems globally, exploring commonalities among them and identifying key learning and assessment system types. From this work derived a model describing what the evolution of education systems looks like, and how this evolution can be enabled.

Thoughtful analysis, careful design, specific indicators and rigorous evaluation have inspired our model.


Hi my name is Sean, and I’m a teacher from New Zealand. I’ve worked in schools in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Malaysia, and conducted professional development throughout South-East Asia. I’ve been a mentor for principals, member of policy working groups, textbook author and publisher, head of an education research project and lecturer of postgraduate students at a university. I am currently the Deputy Head of School at an International School in Hong Kong.

Bryan Phillips is an insatiably curious New Zealander who was born in Africa. He has travelled extensively and has degrees from the Universities of Natal, Lancaster and Canterbury (NZ). He began his work life as a teacher before migrating into mining and the ownership of a couple of small businesses that have treated him very kindly. The high points of his life have included being Annemarie’s man, Matthew and Joshua’s dad, a catcher in a trapeze act, a paratrooper and a publisher of books for schools and kids. Approaching his dotage he has reverted to the pleasure of extensive travel; literally in coach and figuratively as a cosmic butterfly in his favourite arm chair. He is deeply grateful for the blessing of a charmed life rich beyond the words he has to tell of it.

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