Career Review for Educators

The Career Review for Educators is a tool designed to enable you to position and prepare for the work you are likely to find most meaningful and satisfying now and in future.

The most effective people deal directly with their shortcomings and gifts. They have a sense of self, a sense of purpose and direction that makes them welcome even negative feedback and criticism with equanimity. They can act to improve when they receive it. High potential people are also distinguished from others by their openness to feedback that reveals their shortcomings and mistakes. This knowledge is power, and it enables them to learn.

The five key issues in professional development

  1. Depth and breadth of skills and knowledge (Can you fly?)
  2. Depth and breadth of experience (If you can fly, under what circumstances?)
  3. Temperament (What kind of flying are you best suited to?)
  4. Ability to collaborate (Solo, tandem or in teams?)
  5. Potential (parachute, glider, helicopter, turboprop, jet or rocket?)

During the Career Review Process, you are asked to identify the strengths that have enabled you to progress so far and then to identify how those very strengths might detract from your progress in future. You must develop the new strengths essential to sustaining optimal rates of growth in both your current role and potential future ones. As individuals, we tend to develop a fondness for the ‘tools’ that have served us best and we often cling to them like a security blanket even when they have been displaced. In the process, we can undermine our own value.  

Three Actions to Secure Your Future

1. secure your reputation for excellence: what must I do to excel?
2. provide a sense of purpose and direction to your improvement: how can I best position and prepare to become a viable candidate for the roles I aspire to? 
3. recognise and take advantage of golden opportunities that emerge: how can I respond to new conditions and opportunities that emerge in work, learning and life?

Until you know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, what you want to do and why, it will be very difficult to find meaning and satisfaction in your work.

Three Steps to Raising Personal Awareness

1. Know Your Strengths

2. Know Your Weaknesses

3. Know what you need to do to improve.

The Career Review Workbook guides you to create a plan that secures your reputation for personal and professional excellence, provides a sense of purpose and direction, and allows you to take advantage of opportunities that emerge. Please email if you’d like to learn how the Career Review can be successfully used by educators in your school.

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