Resources that Ignite Educators and Schools

Indigo Schools resources are free, and are designed to ignite educators and schools to achieve ‘excellence now’ in their work.

This document provides an introduction to the Indigo Schools model and how it works. Each element of the Framework is described, and it serves as a useful reference point when seeking to achieve excellence now in schools.

This document describes what is entailed in leading the transformation of a school or learning system. It’s designed for someone with an interest or the authority to lead a change process, with activities and guidelines to follow.

Designed for educators, this workbook guides you to create a plan that secures your reputation for personal and professional excellence, provides a sense of purpose and direction, and allows you to take advantage of opportunities that emerge.

This resource is designed to help educators identify and overcome real or perceived constraints that can prevent personalised teaching and learning within a classroom or school. The main goal of personalised learning is to promote students’ progress to the ultimate outcome; intrinsically motivated, self-directed people confident of their ability to solve the problems that they will encounter in future.

The means for students to become successful in the new world of work and life is through mastering the process of systematic inquiry. This workbook provides an ‘how to’ for teachers, along with Inquiry Indicator resources for The Student, The Teacher and The Learning Environment.

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