Seven Dimensions of School Operations

Seven Dimensions of School Operations Overview

Through extensive research, we have identified the Seven Dimensions of School Operations that most strongly influence the quality of a school’s offerings and services. The seven dimensions of work are interconnected and interdependent, and are essential to any healthy education and learning system.

Three dimensions that focus on the work done to optimise student achievement and inspire a love of learning cohere in what we have dubbed the ‘Golden Triangle’. This concerns the meaning of the contribution made in each level of work, the context of the work, and the changes in it that are a key feature of continuous improvement.

The seven dimensions focus on all aspects of a school’s services, including curriculum design, shaping and delivery of assessment, reporting and record-keeping. They translate the school’s values into action in a culture that secures the well-being of learners and staff and a commitment to improvement as a norm in all school activities, and ensures alignment with the school’s Mission, effecting excellence in the performance of school operations.

Further information about how the Seven Dimensions are applied within the Indigo Schools Framework can be found in the Primer on our Resources Page, or please email if you’d like to learn how the Dimensions can be successfully applied by work teams within your school.

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