Transport Trends for Students

The articles in each category provide a quick overview of some of the trends that we are seeing in the transport sector, and allow teachers and students to gain an insight into the areas in which we will likely see innovation, deployment and opportunity over the coming decade.

Fake news – what teachers need to know

There have always been varying versions of events and perspectives about the world and how it works. However the problem now is that while these various perspectives have always existed, they were more often than not rooted in an agreed and universal truth or basis in fact.

Resource Ideas for Teachers

As we’re reading and researching articles, anything that doesn’t fit our usual categories goes into our ‘cool and interesting’ file, and posts like this one are the result. You might like to use these as a provocation for a planned discussion or lesson, or just a random piece of knowledge that people might be interested in. Let’s begin!

The Gig Economy – an opportunity for students?

The gig economy is growing, and it’s very likely that today’s school students will be involved in it in some form or another during their working lives. It’s a different type of work, and they will need to have their eyes open to what to expect.

Classroom Learning – 4 emerging trends

In truth, no one actually knows what’s going to happen, and advocates who make predictions about the future of work (and learning) can seize pieces of information and incomplete research to make assumptions. We have to recognise our own biases, along with tendencies to assume and make connections that don’t necessarily exist.

Work is changing – does it matter?

It’s not possible to accurately predict the future, of course. However it is possible to get a sense of how things are likely to change over the coming 10 to 15 years. Today’s 5 year olds will enter the workforce from about 2032 to 2037, and as you’ll see below the working environment that they join will be dramatically different from the one we experience today. So what’s going on, and what’s likely to happen?

Inventions for teachers – here are 27 to start

Today, we are exploring big futures of ideas, technology, systems and wellbeing. Some of these were written pre-Covid 19, and based on what we now observe globally these provide an interesting insight into how unexpected events can influence likely trends and outcomes identified using the evidence available when written.

Educational technology – a real solution?

We start this week by sharing one example of the development of personalised learning through the use of technology. Some argue that personalised learning through tech. (that responds to and provides for diverse student needs) is an essential next step for scaling quality learning, while others suggest that while useful, it may not be a panacea.

Schools and opportunity – the gap is growing

To start this week’s look at automation and implications for learning in schools, the World Economic Forum and McKinsey have shared insights from Davos on the future of learning and work and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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