From Traditional to Personalised Learning

At Indigo Schools, we believe that the key to personalised learning, or equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the ever-changing world of work and life, lies in mastering the process of systematic, independent inquiry. This occurs when students’ personal interests, potential, skills, knowledge, and aspirations become the foundation for designing …

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What is the ultimate purpose of school?

This article describes elements of the Indigo Schools self-assessment system, how it aims to improve school performance, and explores the question “What is the ultimate purpose of school?”

8 reasons why Artificial Intelligence matters

We often share examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an exponential and disruptive technology that has huge implications for how we work, live and learn. But what exactly does AI do, how does it work, and how does it help? And are robots really taking away people’s jobs?

Resource Suggestions for Teachers

We’ve shared cool and interesting snippets before, and we’ll continue to do so as we continue our earnest quest to find the awesomeness in this world and spark curiosity in ourselves and others. As we’re researching articles for Indigo Schools, anything that doesn’t fit our usual categories goes into our ‘cool and interesting’ file, and posts like this one are the result.

Learning for the Future – Essential Articles

Today’s articles resources, types of learning, student disengagement, play-based learning, teachers surveys and more, and our hope is that they serve as a conversation starter in schools. 

Trust and teamwork – why they matter

This week we’re starting with the article – ‘Gradually, Then Suddenly’, before looking at the roles trust and collaboration play in organisations and finishing with a quick look at future skills.

Trends in Education and Learning

These articles about the future of education and learning have caught our eye recently. We’ve grouped the articles below into a couple of different categories, and each speaks to what teachers might need to be informed about as we head into an uncertain future. 

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